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Directory of LJ Robin Hood fanfic

The aim of this community is to create a directory of all Live Journal fanfiction for the BBC series Robin Hood.

Made by the wonderful chanteuserie.

News: September 2011. Between Jan. and Sept., links were migrated to the Library based on the 3,000+ titles that are currently indexed on http://www.delicious.com/robinhoodFICLJ. Check out the Welcome Post for a bit more information. The Delicious site will serve as a back up for the Library.

Have you ever felt longings to read an Allan/Will or a Much/Marian fic, or Marian/Robin, and spent hours trawling through sites trying to find them? Well, rh_archive - the Nottingham Library - is about combating that and making it easy for you to find a fic to meet your reading needs, whatever they may be.

You can look for fics by rating, main character/pairing/ot3, and some series and genres too. Check out the tags list.

The FicIndex includes stories posted to Live Journal comms from Oct. 2006 to the present as noted in rh_press.

Suggestions are welcome!

The folks at rh_press issued some guidelines for fic posting, and those certainly help make this index more useful, too.

Something missing? Comment on the Welcome Post so we can add the item to the index. We are missing links for quite a few chapters of multichapter works.

Inaccessible or Dead Links
* The comm ax_bow_sword was deleted from LJ around March 1, 2009.
* The carterplease comm was reported as purged in December 2010. :(
* The tags na (not accessible) and nap (not accessible - purged/deleted journal) are being added as inaccessible fic is discovered; friends-locked fics have a note indicating their status and an naf tag - you'll have to friend folks if their journals are locked.
* Please comment on entries if you find links that do not work

Multichapter works
* authors posting multi-chapter works should include links to all previous chapters on subsequent posts or consider using a master tag on each chapter that will retrieve every chapter of a specific story. We do attempt to list all chapters.

About Categories
* Categories were added as we got a bit more experience with tagging, so the earliest entries are likely missing one or more
* If the author mentions a spoiler or timeline for a specific episode, we use the generic series 1, series 2, post series2 (anything between the end of series 2 and the beginning of series 3), and s3 (series 3).
* If the author indicates 'between episode x & y', we'll only tag with the first episode. Scenes falling between series 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 are tagged as 1x14 & 2x14 respectively. 2x14 differs from post series2 in that post series2 includes fics that take place far into the future (in some cases). May have to rethink how I used that tag.

* Drabbles include challenge fics and may or may not be limited to 100 words.

In addition to standard ratings, we've interpreted a few others:

* NR = not rated or unrated
* 12 = PG13; 15 = PG15
* generally tended to use whatever the author or rh_press noted


* if the author gave the story a Robin/Much pairing, we include Much/Robin tag so if you're a Much fan, you'll find those when you look down the character list.
* if a pairing includes a minor character who died in the BBC version of the series, e.g., Robin/Carter, we've added a tag just for Carter since our "minor" characters might get lost in the shuffle!
* the gang equals whoever was part of the gang during a particular series, so if something is tagged with both the gang + s3, you'll know that it won't include mention of Will and Djaq (great sadness!) but it will include Kate, Tuck, etc.
* OC & OFC - hmm... all are tagged as OC.
* there are missing chapters to some fics because we haven't stumbled across all entries. If you know where they live, comment on the fic entry or the welcome post.

On a personal note - we love to see summaries & genres 'cause it's easy to glance down the list of fics to see what sounds most interesting!

Shelving Instructions: for those helping to migrate links from the FicIndex, here's our 'how-to' guide and comments post, http://rh-archive.livejournal.com/41178.html

For the most current news about Robin Hood BBC fandom, check out the rh_press.

Many, many thanks to the folks at hoodland for having a graphics challenge to create the beautiful journal header for the comm. Congratulations to designer starbuck_a_dale for her fabulous work.